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Residential Applications

Residential Applications

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15 Year Warranty
ThermaFinish is the most advanced green energy product on the market. Our product brings the amazing natural characteristics of cork and applies them to your home. Some of these benefits are, thermal Insulation, a water barrier and sound dampening. We also offer an industry best 15 Year warranty when applied by a certified contractor.
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Great Uses For ThermaFinish: 

One of the most common uses for ThermaFinish is on exterior sidings of homes and buildings. ThermaFinish can be tinted to any color as well as the texture can be adjusted to fit any application. Applying ThermaFinish to the exterior carries about the same cost as many of the more commonplace finishes however the longevity and toughness of the coat creates an unmatched value. Applying ThermaFinish to the exterior of a structure will also improve insulation value. In very hot climates the exterior surface temperature is controlled and helps significantly reduce thermal penetration. In cold climates it helps by reducing heat loss from the interior of the building. 
ThermaFinish is also reccomended to supplement roofing applications. ThermaFinsish can be applied to most rooftypes to help protect the roof itself in cases of inclement weather like hail. It will also greatly increase insulation value. Thermafinish works on roofs by greatly reducing the thermal transfer process from roof to attic. This allows your current insulation in your home to be able to work in a more efficient way. A large portion of heat is radiated from your sun baked roof into your attic, even in the case of non-sealed attics. Simply applying ThermaFinish your roof can take advantage of its natural molecular air barrier and keep your roof to a more manageable temperature also contributing to a long lifetime of the roof.  
Pool Decking
ThermaFinish also makes for a great Pool Decking alternative. Cost effective, slip resistant, waterproof, and long lasting. The thermal properties of ThermaFinish also allows your pool deck to stay cool in the summer. The natural barrier maintains a roughly 86° F even in direct sunlight. Can be applied directly to a concrete slab to create a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing pool deck that will last for years to come. 
Other Uses
ThermaFinish has nearly endless application options. We find new uses for it everyday. Some of the other common uses are: 
  • Garage Coating: Both wall coating or floor coating for long lasting protection from scuffs and scrapes. Can also protect your home in the event of a fire from a water heater malfunction or otherwise with its Class A Fire Rating. Also will promote sound dampening. 
  • Block Walls/Fencing: Great for exterior walls and fences. Long lasting protection from water seepage as well as reduces outside road noise if you are near a busy street. Many of or homeowners pre treat their planters prior to landscaping to eliminate calcium buildup on block and concrete. 
  • Metal Surfaces: ThermaFinish will protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion as well as prevent people from burning their skin when touching it. We've even had people coat the topside of their outdoor BBQs.