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Therma Finish Quality Thermal coatings
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Thermal coating for commercial buildings

Commercial Applications

Cost Effective Commercial Application

ThermaFinish is optimal for many commercial applications. From a simple cost analysis the energy savings and durability of the coating far exceeds anything that is on the market today. ThermaFinish can be abused by the elements and commercially washed for decades without any compromise to the coating. ThermaFinish's natural properties prevents cracking and discoloration due to heat expansion. Typically in the first few years one application of ThermaFinish will pay for itself due to its color retention, low maintenance cost and energy saving properties. It is quickly becoming a standard choice for commercial building owners, especially in hotter climates. 
Energy Efficient
ThermaFinish is proven to reduce energy costs by as much as 35% when used in commercial applications.
LEED Credits
ThermaFinish allows for multiple LEED credits and certifications when applied by a certified installer. 
Simple Application
ThermaFinish's application process is relatively simple allowing for quick turnaround time and cure times even on large applications such as warehouses. This also eliminates repairs due to installation error.
15 Year Full Warrenty 
When applied by a certified installer all ThermaFinish applications are backed by a full 15 year warranty. 
Multifamily Housing
The natural properties of ThermaFinish make it a great choice for multifamily properties. Not only will it help reduce overall energy costs to tenants but also improves sound isolation. ThermaFinish's cork base provides unmatched sound deadening capabilities when compared with traditional coatings. 
Commercial Roofing
ThermaFinish offers incredible durability and is 100% impermeable making it an obvious choice in commercial roofing applications.  ThermaFinish also provides:
  • Natural Mold Immunity
  • Fire RetardantĀ 
  • Sound Reduction
  • Thermal Insulation
High Exposure Surfaces
ThermaFinish is a great solution to many of your high exposure commercial surfaces such as:
  • Storefronts with high wash rates
  • Multifamily common areasĀ 
  • Commercial Roofing
The natural sun and water resistant properties of ThermaFinish allow it to be commercially power-washed for years and years and not degrade, flake, or chip. It is also naturally flexible so it is very resistant to cracks from heat expansion or physical wear and tear. 
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