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Therma Finish Quality Thermal coatings
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Sprayable Cork Coating That Will:
Increase Insulation Value 
Increase Fire Protection
Save Money.

ThermaFinish® is a complete commercial and residential coating system with nearly unlimited applications. When applied to a structure in it can reduce energy costs by as much as 35%. It is FireproofIncreases Insulation Value, and is nearly the same cost as more traditional exterior coatings. The lifespan of the coating is also over 100% longer than the competitors. See our test videos >

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Welcome To ThermaFinish®

A naturally “perfect” insulating material based on CORK!

Cork is one of the best insulators that there is. Well, ThermaFinish has created a product with unique features, retaining all the natural insulating properties of cork, that we can use in our homes, leisure centers, offices, etc ...

ThermaFinish is an ecological product made by mixing powdered cork of various particle sizes, acrylic resin, vegetable fats and water. These materials, becoming steadier in time, are subjected to a bonding process that does not alter their characteristics and even strengthening some of them, so that the final product is very stable.

Some of its most common uses are:

  • Waterproofing for roofs and facades
  • Thermal-Acoustic Insulation
  • Sealant and Adhesive
  • Anti-humidity
  • Anti Fungal
  • Sound Barriers

ThermaFinish can comfortably replace many materials, additions such as: elasticity, flexibility and mechanical strength, thermal insulation, waterproof and anti-fungal properties, a total absence of toxicity, and much more, supplemented by significant savings in labor and materials when compared to traditional products, and full compliance with the building codes and regulations.

Thermal Barrier:
Our product reduces thermal transmission keeping you comfortable in your home or office with less cost on heating and cooling! Even under extreme heat and sun ThermaFinish maintains a cool constant temperature.
15 Year Warranty:
ThermaFinish is one of the most durable coatings you can apply to a residential or commercial structure we warranty our product for 15 years when applied by a ThermaFinish certified contractor. 
Acoustic Barrier:
ThermaFinish offers natural molecular air barrier which lends itself to soundproofing. Great for residential sound deadening as well as transportation application such as highway noise barriers. 
Negative Carbon Footprint:
Our net negative carbon footprint is helping reduce carbon emissions all over the world. The energy saving properties actually outweighs the production cost resulting in a net negative carbon footprint over the life of the product. 
Fire Retardant: 
ThermaFinish is naturally fire resistant and can be formulated specific to your application for up to 2 hour fireproof burn protection. 
Incredibly Durable:
ThermaFinish relies on a natural cork base and other polymers to create an incredibly durable finish. Low maintenance and long lasting even in harsh weather and high traffic areas. ThermaFinish is quickly becoming the coating of choice for frequently washed commercial exteriors. 
ThermaFinish is the ONLY national patent holder of spray cork products. 

Millions of sqft Installed

ThermaFinish® products have been tested and proven. Installed all over Europe and is now readily available in the US.

ThermaFinish® Benefits At A Glance

Thermal barrier
Thermal Barrier
ThermaFinish® creates a thermal barrier to whatever it is applied too. ThermaFinish® is formulated to naturally stop the heat and cold transfer process. This means keeping the heat out and cold in when in a hot climate, and the opposite when in a cold climate. ThermaFinish® also has the added benefit of being a naturally fire resistant. Even in extremely hot climates surface temperatures of substrate affixed with ThermaFinish® does not exceed 86° F.
Cost Effective
ThermaFinish® quickly becomes a more cost effective solution than traditional coatings such as stucco and paint or cladding. Initial cost at application is nearly the same as the traditional coatings but ThermaFinish® has as little as 10% color fade over 30 years. In comparison with sidings such as stucco the increased flexibility in ThermaFinish® almost completely eliminates the need for any repairs during the life of the coating.  Depending on application structures can see as much as a 35% reduction in energy costs every year (especially in hot climates)
Tested and Proven
ThermaFinish® has been rigorously tested and proven to reduce cooling and energy costs. Check out some of our example tests and see how ThermaFinish® can reduce overall energy costs for your home or business. ThermaFinish® is the only non-insulation specific product to receive and R-value of 38.